Basic strategy

Find out more about basic strategy, the easiest way to minimize the house edge just by following some basic rules.

Do you count cards?

Yes! We will teach you of how to beat the casino using card counting. It's not as hard as you might think.

History of "twenty-one"

One of the oldest casino games with a history going back as long as the 15th century. "Vingt-et-un" also known as twenty-one brought from France to North America in the 19th century.

Live casino bonuses

Ready to give black jack a try. We will guide you to the best live casinos online where you can practise for real.

We are Black Jack

Make progress live

At this site you will learn the essentials of black jack strategy. Our free strategy guide will teach you the fundamental of Black Jack, the basic strategy. Once you have learned you can also practise your skills for free at our website.

Once you improve with your strategy you might want to go ahead and learn the real deal of Black Jack card counting. Our turtorial will explain the very basics of card counting with easy examples to follow.

As a selected Black Jack Partner we can also offer you excluive bonus deals at some of the top online casinos.

How to play

Some basic strategey rules to keep in mind

  • Always hit on 8
  • Always stand on 17
  • Always stand on A,8
  • Always stand on 10,10
  • Always split A,A

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